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Are you looking for a good mirror supplier to provide the mirrors you need for your new home or business establishment? Or you could be undertaking a major renovation project and the new decor must have a whole new set of mirrors. Your first idea is to search the internet for the mirror dealer in your area. But before you pick out the glass supplier where you can order the mirrors you need, you might want to keep certain points in mind.

Look for an Established Business

Check the About Us page for details of how long the company has been in business. It is never advisable to work with a newly established enterprise that has little or no past experience. Although, you might find that a new store has contemporary products that are more suited to the decorating ideas you have in mind. If that is the case, try to strike a balance between experience and state-of-the art mirror designs.

Look for a Local Dealer

While you do have the option of ordering mirrors from dealers that are based in or out of the country, try and look for a local business. Not only can you be assured of fast, efficient and damage-proof delivery, but getting after-sales service can be a lot easier. Then again, you could visit the actual store or workshop of the trader to get a real feel of the products before you order them. You can ask for more detailed information regarding installation and any other issues on your mind.

Look for Good Customer Services

Like we discussed earlier, after-sales services should be an important criteria when picking the right framed mirror supplier. Should you need assistance with any problems ranging from fitting your mirrors to the hardware needed and post-installation, maintenance services, the dealer should be able to provide them promptly.

Look for Past Clients

Having picked out a list of mirror distributors that interest you, your next step should be to ask for references from clients each company has worked with in the past. Opinions and reviews from clients will help you assess the efficiency of each company in all aspects.

Look for Qualifications and Transparent Quotes

Make sure the dealer is compliant with the law and has the necessary certification, licenses and other requirements for conducting business. Also check whether they follow regulations related to safe packaging and delivering mirrors since they are fragile products and need specialized handling and care. Ask for detailed quotations that cover all areas of the mirror purchase. Stress on making sure there are no hidden costs that you will learn of only later.

Look for Installation Services
While you can always install your mirrors yourself, it is always preferable to ask the dealer to send in their professional crew. In this way, you can ensure that there is no damage to the products and that also makes the mirror supplier liable for errors that they will fix for you. Then again, if you are installing new mirrors in place of old ones, you will need their expertise to take down the old mirrors safely without damage to surrounding areas of the room.

Given all these issues, you could work with TEXAS CUSTOM MIRRORS, one of the leading mirror companies that can meet all your mirror installation needs. Contact us today and check out our products and services.

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